Painting Upholstery

Yes, you can paint upholstery!  I spent many years solely re-covering furniture before I discovered that I could actually just paint it.  Painting may not be for all furniture or fabrics, I still often choose to re-upholster pieces rather than paint them, but it is a great option!  Painting works well for pieces that may have minor blemishes in the fabric, such as fading or light stains.  It’s an option if the fabric is beautiful but it’s just in the wrong color and it’s also an easier way out for difficult to re-cover pieces (like tufted chairs). Continue reading “Painting Upholstery”

Quick Tip Tuesday!

I love after Christmas sales.  My favorite sales after the holidays (and coincidentally deepest price cuts) are on Christmas decorations themselves.  When stores need to clear out their Christmas inventory so they can prepare to drape their shelves in spring décor, shoppers benefit.  There are so many amazing deals to be had!  I always stash a little after holiday cash for such sales, not only to stock up on ornaments for next year and beyond, but I always stumble on great treasures that can stay even after the Christmas tree comes down. Continue reading “Quick Tip Tuesday!”

“New” Nightstands

Giving a little love (and a lot of paint!) to old and forgotten furniture is one of my favorite parts of decorating.  It’s no secret that I love a good deal.  But, when I stumble upon a gem for next to nothing (or in some cases, actually nothing) I get SO excited for the possibilities.  Keep in mind, most of the time a “gem” would probably be the furthest from most people’s minds when seeing some of the pieces I find. Continue reading ““New” Nightstands”

Kale Soup

I contemplated even calling this post “Kale Soup” (even though that is exactly what it is) because I feel like the name alone is a turnoff.  Kale is a healthy, crazy nutrient dense, super food. But let’s face it, it’s probably not something you jump up and down with excitement to eat. Don’t worry though, this soup isn’t one of those entirely too healthy, flavorless meals.  It’s actually pretty good. Continue reading “Kale Soup”


Food.  I love food.  Who doesn’t?  I also enjoy cooking food.  I live in an apron, in my kitchen.  Sort of like a 1950’s housewife.  But, instead of perfectly coiffed hair, pretty dress and welcoming demeanor; it’s more like messy topknot, yoga pants and yelling “get out of my kitchen”.   Continue reading “Cooking”

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks!  We love glow sticks in this house.  I buy packs by the dozens at our local dollar store.  I always have them on hand, especially during summer months when our gatherings often end after dusk around the fire pit.  Glow sticks not only provide entertainment for the children during these get-togethers, but many adults often end up with a necklace or two as well ;)  There’s just something about these mesmerizing little things that bring out the kid in all of us.  Continue reading “Glow Sticks”